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Best Bitcoin Advertising Network 2018 | A-Ads Review 2018

Best Bitcoin Advertising Network 2018 | A-Ads Review 2018

Best Bitcoin Advertising Network 2018 | A-Ads Review 2018

A-Ads (Anonymous Ads) is a Bitcoin based advertising network. As the name suggests this network won’t store any information of advertisers and publishers. They claim to deliver more than 109 million ad impressions a day. The revenue model of this network is CPM. It is a great alternative to AdsBit ad network. A-Ads review all activities of publishers.

Requirements For Publishers To Join And Use A-Ads Bitcoin Network

The publishers must not use
  • More than 3 ad units per page.
  • Send fake traffic using bots.
  • Bots or software to manipulate clicks or impressions.

Ad Formats

The publishers can allow or disallow ads among these 4 categories : NSFW ( Nudity or other content not suitable for work ), Gambling (Games of chance, HYIPs, ponzi schemes), Shady (Ads that pass other filters, but might be considered inappropriate by publishers) and High risk investments. The publishers can have access to the all standard sizes.

How A-Ads works?

Unlike other ad networks you won’t get paid based on clicks. They will take unique impressions as the metric. For instance if a user X has viewed your ad, then his IP address would be saved instantly. Even if he visits your site and view ads hundreds of times on the same day, it will not get counted. So they will count unique IP per day.

Payment Info

The publishers get paid on request basis. The minimum payout is 0.0001 BTC. The only payment option available is Bitcoin.

Referral Program

The publishers can make 50% commission when their referred advertiser spend the money. Unfortunately they are not offering any commission for referring publishers.

Best Features Of A-Ads Bitcoin Network

  • Great anonymity
  • Timely payments : The publishers always receive their earnings on time.
  • Transparent service
  • The publishers can filter the undesired ads.
  • Low threshold payout
  • Dedicated support

Final Conclusion

A-Ads work well for high traffic websites. The publishers who have used this Bitcoin ad network can share their experiences below. You can also send payment proof. Hope this A-Ads review help publishers to get started.

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At A Glance:

Network Type CPM, CPC
Ad Formats Banner Ads
Minimum Payout 0.001 btc
Payment Frequency On request
Payment Methods Bitcoin Wallet,Faucet
Network Popularity High
Requirement/Restrictions Please see their terms
Payment Proof Included Above ↑
Website URL

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