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How to get 1000 US Visitors Only 50 Cents 2018 ! Popcash Advertising Review

How to get unlimited traffic in cheap price

How to get 1000 US Visitor Only 50 Cents ! Popcash Advertising Review

Hi There ! This is Abdullah from Bangladesh . Today I'm gonna Show You  How to get 1000 US Visitor Only 50 Cents .  we all have  a Website in blogger/wordpress or any other Platform  But  majority of website owner failed to make his/her  Website established . There are few people who make website as hobby .But  majority of website owner make website to make  money from it . we all know that us Visitors  are most Valuable because we get high CPC High CPM . Overall we get  highest  rate from Tier 1 Country . Tier 1 Countries are US,Uk,Canada ,Australia . So there is high Competition  in advertising  to Tier 1 Countries .

Google adwords are very Costly . You will get upto 10 us visitors in 1 $ But if you use popcash you will get 2000 visitor at same amount .its true that google adwords 10 visitors are very targeted and qualified . But if you are fresher My recommendation is to use popunder ads . Its pretty good for newbie . When you moved from newbie to advance level then you Can use google adwords or simillar anything .

How to Create a Campaign in Popcash?

its pretty easy .  First of all you need to deposit dollars to popcash  by using your virtual wallet . Popcash supported payment methods are Paypal,Paxum,Payza,Webmoney . if you already have enough money to your popcash account , so you don't need to deposit . just skip This step .

Go to Campaign from left sidebar . Click on Create a New Campaign . after you  will see a interface look like this .

Fill UP all information according to your details . Bid is most important we want 1000 visitor only  50 cents so write 0.0005  or if you Want to pay 4 $ for 1000 visitor so write 0.004 . if you bid more you receive hits too fast or bid low you will receive hits slight slow .

I love popcash because too many targeting option  and my all traffic Convert enough .


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