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How to Earn Money From Ojooo Web 2018 | $1200+ Per Month Earning Strategy

How to Earn Money From Ojooo Web 2018

How to Earn Money From Ojooo Web | $1200+ Per Month Earning Strategy

OJOOO Review - Earn 1200$ in 30 days | Most trusted And high Paying Site |

Result: No Scam

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 ojooo is a most trusted ptc site. this site has a high Alexa rank. many people work and earn real money from ojooo. The Very simple job you just click on ads and earn money this site laugh 3 years ago. in this site, you can earn per click $.001- $005. if you want an increase your earning then you can purchase rent referrals and update your account. rent referral work for you one month 

Ojooo is a very fast growing earning money platform. They provide many offers and watching ads to earn money online. You can maximize your earnings by direct referrals or rented referrals.
Without involving direct referrals, your passive income originates from rented ones. 
In Ojooo you can purchase maximum 10,000 rent. Average daily income from single one - about 0.35$. The term of purchase - 30 days. During 30 days with 10,000 rented referrals, the income will be about 1800$. Due to expenses provided for the business, your pure monthly in come will be approximate 1200$

Purchase first 200 rented referrals, 0.2$ each (40$). After 72 hours (3 days) buy another 200. After a month you will get the maximum level - 2000 rented. Costs of purchase each one will be 0.27$ then, so it gives 540$ per month.Premium+ costs 39$ monthly.

Extra Information about Ojooo:-

1800 - 540 - 39 = 1221$ per month , absolutely passive.

You can earn here absolutely passive - without referrals, but if you invite direct referral, your income considerably grows.

Ojooo is a program providing earnings by watching ads - at least 4 every day.

The program offers 3 levels of participation: Standard, Premium and Premium +.

To reach stable income, we strongly advise to follow:

  1.  Prepare 120$ on Payza or Paypal.
  2. Register from the link: -
  3. Click " Fund rental balance".
  4.  Upgrade balance for 79$.
  5. Click " Buy upgrade" and choose " Premium +" ( this is very important!).Pay for it 39 $ 
  6. Use "Earn watching Ads"/"Paid to click ads" and watch at least 4 advertisements daily - click the violent websites names, and then search for yellow tiny marks to click. When transmission of the ad is finished, click red button "Close window" and  "Leave this page" button.
  7. Check the exact number of ads you've clicked ( you will see green button displaying: "You have clicked 4 advertisements today").
  8. Get on "Your Account"
  9. Click "Purchase/Purchase referrals"
  10. Click the basket sign in order to buy "200 referrals" at the bottom of the site.
  11. Note date and exact time of referrals purchase!


Next steps:

  1. Click at least 4 ads daily! There's no daily income otherwise. If you decide to click more, you can get a bigger income.
  2. After minimum 72 hours ( 3 days) from buying rented referrals, purchase 200 referrals again - 40 $, and repeat this process of purchase rented referrals in each
  3. days - to get 2000 referrals.
  4. Withdrawals available once a week on Mondays. Withdrawal is possible under one condition only: you must watch at
  5. least 100 ads !

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