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Get Unlimited Traffic to your Website 2018 | Easyhits4u | Traffic Exchange

Get Unlimited Traffic to your Website 2018

This is a paid manual surf, the rate is $0.30 per 1000 pages.It gives 0.0003$ per page surfed.

On top of this, you can gain credits that can be used to promote your own websites, website banners, and text links. You can also target countries and area for these banners, websites etc. There are 2 selections for surfing 2:1 15 secs or 1:1 20 seconds. I would recommend manual surfing at the 20-second rate. 

I find this very effective at promoting interesting websites and banners and have gained many sign ups from using this. 
It pays out to payza and Solid trust pay, minimum payout is 3 dollars.

Easyhits4U is a MUST for all website promotion.
Extra surfing credits can be bought and used for money, for those heavy promoters.

Commissions from all purchases of Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator tools made by first level referrals:
- Standard Members 10%
- Premium 20%
- Easy Splash Builder & Easy Rotator paid members 30%
- Ultimate 40%

You can also buy credits. 
Standard members get 2:1 surf ratio for 15 second ad and 1:1 surf ratio for20 second ad. whereas 1:1 for the premium
0.3$ = 1 day of premium

This website is available in English.

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